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Hyacinth Industries is a leading consulting firm that helps clients strengthen their brands, close bigger deals, and improve product offerings without the need for full-time hires. With a team of experienced senior-level executives, they provide dedicated support and strategic guidance to meet client objectives.
Recently, they hired me as the Creative Director to lead the company's rebranding efforts and provide creative direction and strategy. This move aims to enhance Hyacinth Industries' brand identity and capabilities, enabling them to deliver even more impactful solutions to clients and enhance their position as a leader in the industry.

Drawing inspiration from the elegant petal of the Hyacinth flower, I designed the logo for Hyacinth Industries, infusing it with a sense of grace and sophistication.

The logo's organic curves and vibrant colors capture the essence of the Hyacinth flower, symbolizing the firm's commitment to growth, beauty, and innovation.


Deliberately selecting a color palette inspired by the natural hues of the Hyacinth flower, I ensured that the colors used in the rebranding of Hyacinth Industries were not only visually appealing but also accessible and inclusive.
By carefully considering accessibility guidelines, the chosen colors maintain their vibrancy while ensuring that they are easily distinguishable and readable for all individuals, reinforcing the company's commitment to inclusivity and usability.


Leveraging the chosen color palette, I expanded the logo usage for Hyacinth Industries into a versatile and dynamic system with multiple color variations for different applications.
By applying the colors from the palette across various brand assets, I created a cohesive visual identity that retains brand recognition while allowing flexibility for diverse marketing materials and platforms.


Utilizing the comprehensive brand system, I successfully applied the full-color palette and an inclusive design approach to develop a series of executive strategic presentation templates for Hyacinth Industries.

These templates not only reflect the visual identity of the company but also prioritize accessibility, ensuring that the design elements and color choices enhance readability and inclusivity, while providing a professional and visually engaging platform for executive-level presentations.


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