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In 2020, amid the global pandemic, Citrix brought me in as a Senior UI Designer and Digital Producer to help them launch and translate their new brand onto all their web properties and marketing materials. I establish creative direction and oversee the application of the Citrix style guide, ensuring all content adheres to brand guidelines across the site, Sales and Marketing initiatives, and internal-facing employee-related creative work.
Over the last year, I have conceptualized and designed over 200 key pages for the corporate rebrand launch, produced custom animations, modernized over 1,000 icons, all product diagrams, 250 web font icons, product and partner logo lockups, and product mockups. I also developed innovative designs and iconography to expand the brand application for personalized ads resulting in a 200% increase in customer click-through.
Below are just a few key selected examples of my ongoing work.

Most recently, we are focusing on exploring ideas on how to tell a story about what the Citrix products are and how their features help their users.
In the example above, I designed and animated both the homepage hero and the banner below that promotes the viewer to visit a brand-new interactive page experience. This experience shows the benefits of using Citrix Workspace through fun custom-made character animations and short-form storytelling techniques.

Below is a video of the full Citrix Workspace animated experience. I designed the experience and animated these beautiful illustrations created by Matt Blease.

→ Visit the Citrix Workspace experience

Here are some of the character animations I created.

Citrix - Summit Series 

The biggest virtual event hosted by Citrix is where they highlight the latest updates to their products. The Citrix Summit Series will show you how a more flexible way of working helps everyone do their best work. 

I was tasked with updating the design of the past Summit Series event page with the new brand look. I designed the pages to feature large visual areas to call out attention to the viewer to specific calls-to-action.

→ Visit site


Citrix -

Another key page I designed was for This page was designed to be a landing page that allows the viewer to sign in to their Citrix Cloud account and learn more about Citrix Workspace.

→ Visit site


Citrix - About Us

I was tasked to design all the pages in the About/Company section of the site. The Citrix About page was one of my favorite pages to design. I had full liberty to add as many creative and engaging pieces of content as I wanted. 

I designed the page to be an inviting experience for the user to learn more about the Company, featuring large portraits and lifestyle images, a looping video of all the major cities where Citrix has offices, animated texts and stats, and finally, an interactive map showcasing where Citrix offices are located around the world.

→ Visit site


Citrix - Other About Pages

Here are some additional key pages I designed.

→ Visit Sustainability site
→ Visit Diversity & Inclusion site

Diversity & Inclusion

Citrix - Landing Pages

With the new landing page designs I created, Citrix has had a significant increase in form engagement over the past year. 

I added animation, statistics, and customer quotes to bring the landing page to life.

→ Visit landing page example


Citrix - Custom Asset Icon Types

I was tasked with updating over 1,000 icons, all product diagrams, 250 web font icons, and creating a new and custom icon set to represent all the resource asset types Citrix offers.

These icons are meant to illustrate different types of content for our personalization material. I designed and curated a set of different icons to help identify the type of content they should be attached to.

Below is an example of icon usage.

Other Work

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